morning doodles

morning doodles


I love January first.  I am the kind of person that loves to make lists.  Lists help me feel better when I am stressed out, or sad, or mad, or bored.  Or sometimes I make lists when I am feeling happy and just want to be even more happy!  January first is an ultimate list day, the ultimate refresh day, they day where you make lots of plans.

I have always been open to making lots of plans.  I know that some people tell you to ignore resolutions because we hardly ever keep them.  I can see that, I guess, but where is the fun in that?  These are probably the same people that do not like Valentine’s day.  So we are just not on the same level.  I love Valentine’s day, it is a holiday that celebrates stationery.

Well I won’t tell you what my resolutions are, that is for me and my written journal, but I do have a few.  And isn’t it funny that each one that I have comes with dozens of mini resolutions?  One involved updating my passport, which will mean that I need my social security card, which will mean I need my birth certificate, and so on…

But as Anne Lamott alludes to, we have to take things bird by bird.  That reminds me that I need to finish Bird by Bird!  Add that to the list…

Anne Lamott on writing via Brainpickings

image credit: Wit and Delight 



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