reading resolution

reading resolution


On a sunny Saturday morning I found myself with a half hour on my hands between a couple of errands.  This is why, one must always have a book on them.  I call them my purse books, a book small enough for me to carry in a pocketbook for exactly these moments.  Size is a factor, which is why I usually go for childrens’ chapter books or paperback romances.  My last purse book was Shadow of a Bull, a Newbery winner about a young boy who is pressured to follow in his famous bullfighter father’s footsteps.  I liked it, it was a good coming of age story and it also had a lot of bullfighting details.  It got a little gory, I mean, bullfighting is a bloody sport!  Next is another Newbery winner, M.C. Higgins the Great.

So moral of the story is, find a book that fits in your purse or even your pocket if you don’t have a purse. It is more interesting than your phone (you already know what’s on your phone, admit it), it never runs out of battery, and you’ll be glad you did when you are stuck in a parking lot!


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