resolution #1

resolution #1

First resolution covers what most resolutions focus on, health.  Mine is to break a sweat, most days.  I have some things that I already like to do, my weekly dance classes and barre class, but there are many days where I feel like a sedentary bum.   So I decided to add jogging into my routine a couple times a week.  My mom and I have agreed that no one looks happy when they run, but they do look more in shape than me so I’ll give it a shot.  And, I mean, if Lena Dunham can do it so can I!  I feel like we are on the same wavelength when it comes to running, you know, that it is horrible until it is not.   For days that I only want to brake a sweat for a couple of minutes and then go on to watch The Americans?  I am all about kettlebells!


I love kettlebells because you feel like you are getting a great workout right away and it is a great way to get weight training and cardio in for the day.  I have done the workout above a lot (from Women’s Health) and have started to mix it up with some videos I found on youtube.  Here is one that I like from the Tone It Up girls.  It is a good workout, if you can get though their crazy bikini/glamour shot intro!

And of course, every resolution should have a book to go with it!  I have read countless health and weight loss books and my favorite is also the simplest:


Frank Lipman’s The New Health Rules gives you simple advice along with beautiful and inspiring photographs.  I bought it a year ago and come back to it over and over for motivation.

Do you have any health themed resolutions?? Let me know!




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