resolution #2

resolution #2

My second resolution is to take an international trip!  I have not used my passport since I visited my friends John and Lyndsey in beautiful Helsinki, Finland.  Exhibit A:


I would love to go to Europe again but I currently do not have the cash!  So I thought, why not combine my love for road trips, international travel and dreamboat Prime Minster Justin Trudeau??


That’s right folks!  We are going to Canada!

The plan: to drive up to Buffalo, eat some wings, see some family and then continue on to Montreal.  I have never been there before but it looks like a fun town and has all the coffee shops, museums, and sightseeing that I can ask for.   Then after a few days we’ll drive through Canada, maybe stopping in Toronto on the way home.  It is a loose plan that I hope to shape up before summer break.  Any suggestions are welcome!

beautiful Montreal via Design*Sponge

I am getting a lot of travel tips from Pinterest and 36 hour travel but don’t forget the library!  Why buy a travel guide when you can just check it out?  Face it, when is the last time you cracked open your Fodor’s Cancun 2006? If you are not in the habit of losing books, checking out a travel guide from the library is a great option!  Call numbers to look for:

  • Europe-914
  • North America-917
  • Africa-916
  • Asia- 915
  • South America-918

Each country has a specific number after the decimal, and it can get really detailed.  For example, 917.5924? That’s the call number for Disney World.

So, let’s say you like the idea of getting a travel guide for free from your library but you don’t want to lug a book around? Or you are afraid of losing it or getting a fine?  Well, do you have a tablet?  If so, most libraries have travel guides available as an ebook, so you can download it to you ipad or tablet and take it with you!  And I’m probably not supposed to say this, but you could even just take screenshots of the information that you want and have it forever, perfect for times that you don’t have wifi.

I’m looking for this book:

canadaLFPL has until the summer to order it!



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