rebel heart

rebel heart


I finally got to see Madonna in concert.  It was something that I never thought that I really wanted to do until Trent presented me with tickets to the Rebel Heart tour for Christmas.  First thought was, “I should listen to Rebel Heart!” and I’m glad I did because it is the best dance album I’ve heard in a long time.

I thought the concert was wonderful, especially if you like her new album.  She sang over half of Rebel Heart and mixed in updated versions of her hits, Material Girl, Holiday, Burning up, Like a Virgin, Dress you up, Like a Prayer (which started when I was in the bathroom and I had to make a mad dash to get back to my seat, La Isla Bonita, and more that I’m forgetting.

The show was not without drama, the couple sitting next to us decided that Saturday night at the Yum Center was the best place and time to angrily hash out their issues, I was riveted!  And I needed some extra entertainment since we had a long wait for the show to start.  It is my own fault, who comes to a pop concert before the opener is scheduled to start?!? Rookie mistake.  There were lots of complaints online about Madonna being three hours late to get on stage.  Come on Louisville, now you are embarrassing me in front of Madonna!   She had an opener that started a half hour late and then she came out an hour after her opener.  Geez, chill!  That’s how shows work!

Well all was forgiven when she came onstage (because again, that is how shows work!), and I was chair dancing and screaming for the next two hours!  The show flowed through for different sets and themes, the Courier Journal describes it better than me: “Joan of Arc/Samurai,” followed by “Rockabilly meets Tokyo,” “Latin/Gypsy” and “Party/Flapper.” I was afraid that Madonna would be soft as she approaches her 60s but then she had dancers dressed as nuns while pole dancing to her song “Holy Water.”  So, you know, my fears were put to rest.

I found my favorite part on YouTube so I can watch it over and over and remember my first pop diva experience in Louisville (ignoring that the video was actually filmed at MSG). Here’s True Blue/Deeper and Deeper (THE BEST!) Also NSFW (because IT’S MADONNA)

I love you Madonna!!




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