Resolution #3

Resolution #3

My third resolution is to update my outfits.  Especially my clothes for work which definitely needs an upgrade.  I am still dressing like I did in grad school and I would like to have the look of a put together 30 year old who is not uncomfortable in their clothes.  I have thought about my style, read books, made pinterest boards, and have come to the conclusion that my style is J.LO meets, Jackie O, meets Miss. Frizzle!  I don’t know how to make that work but I do have some ideas on how to get started.

  1. Start now.  I have been putting off a makeover because I wanted to lose weight first and then have a celebration shopping spree that looks like a scene in Pretty Woman!  
      But, you know what?  Why wait?  I should be feeling good now instead of waiting and if the clothes are nice enough, I can tailor them after I get super fit!
  2. Get help.  Did you know that most big stores have personal shoppers?  And you don’t need to be as rich as Richard Gere in Pretty Woman to use one!  I met with a personal shopper at Nordstrom to help put together an outfit for my friend Virginia’s wedding and it was a lifesaver.  All you have to do is email them in advance and tell them what you are looking for, they will ask you about size and price range and then have everything ready for you and even give helpful advice!
  3. Make lists. If you are getting started like me, go to Pinterest and look up things like “Capsule Wardrobe” or “Wardrobe Checklist” to find helpful lists and ideas.  Usually you will end up dressing like a Frenchwoman, but that in the end is the goal, right?checklist
  4. Read a book.  I must say that this is one of those few moments that Pinterest might help you more than books.  I know, it hurts to say so.  But fashion changes so quickly that books can look dated pretty fast.  However, Kate Spade?  Her book, Style, was published in 2004 and still looks fresh, fun, and remains my main inspiration:styleimg 1 /  2 /  3

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