dance break

dance break

Happy weekend!!  Any plans?  I am supposed to help with an academic team tournament but the snow might have other plans!  With the snow piling down it is hard to get out and move but I am lucky to work in a place with a beautiful and big gym so I can run around (or bounce walk if I’m being honest) before school starts.  I’m not really about snow runs.

Confession time: one of my favorite running songs is Justin Bieber’s “What do you mean”

I haven’t the actual video until now.  Something like, Justin Bieber pays John Leguizamo to kidnap him and his girlfriend in an effort to bring her to a surprise underground skateboard party.  It sounds like the worst Bachelor date ever.

I actually got into the song after seeing this video:

A true dance break!  A fun song minus the weird bedroom grinding!!  I do miss the Chi Chi Rodriguez cameos though!



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