Winter Binge: Dramas

Winter Binge: Dramas

I watch a lot of TV and I am not ashamed.  Haven’t you heard, TV is the thing right now! TV is better than movies!! And really, it is public service for you, because now I will talk about really good TV shows that maybe you haven’t watched yet.  And Winter sure is here so you are going to need more stuff to do indoors.  And what is better than watching TV?!?  I guess I should say that reading is better than watching TV…

Anyway, here are my top ten shows that I watched in 2015:

10.  Game of Thrones (HBO)


I got into GoT and watched all of the seasons in 2015.  It started out innocently enough, Trent says “oh hey, I have this show on DVD we should watch it.” Me, “I guess!” And then the next month or so was everything Game of Thrones.  Big world building, lots of twists and me yelling at the TV.  But, to be honest, I missed a lot of the show while hiding under a pillow because I was scared.  This show is BLOODY.

9. How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)


I love all of the Shondaland shows but HTGAWM is the best for yelling at the screen moments and Viola Davis realness.  Also, Trent gets really frustrated because according to him, it is not how law works and blah blah blah.

8. House of Cards (Netflix)


This was a show that I started a while ago and then got distracted and moved on.   This year I pulled it together and watched the series.  You see!  I can follow through on things! Robin Wright is everything and it made me want to get a rowing machine in my apartment.

7. The Man in the High Castle (Amazon)


I love a TV show that is based on books!  Then I don’t feel as bad about watching TV instead of reading. The Amazon series is based on the novel by Philip K. Dick.  It is an alternate reality story where the Axis forces won World War II.  You have to suspend a lot of belief to get into the story.  Like, could Germany really keep control over a country as big as the US?  That seems crazy.  And what is the Neutral Zone about?  But once you let go of all that, its a really suspenseful show that is both fun and heartbreaking to watch.

6. Narcos (Netflix)


Narcos was GREAT.  It was described as a mix between a cops and robbers action show and a Ken Burns documentary.  I love both of those things plus 80s style.  WATCH NARCOS!

5. Vanderpump Rules/Southern Charm (Bravo)

I mean, technically these are supposed to be dramas.  I love a lot of fancy shows, but nothing delivers entertainment on the regular like Vandies and the often overlooked Southern Charm.  Vanderpump follows a bunch of young(ish) waters and bartenders falling in love and lust and stabbing each other in the back in LA.  Southern Charm is almost the same, except they are richer and they live in Charleston.

4. The Sopranos (HBO)


Another show that I watched from behind a pillow!  I started the Sopranos years ago and then stopped after a moment of spoiler-y tragedy.  I’m glad I watched it again.  It was funnier than I remembered and Carmela’s outfits might be my favorite part of the show.  Another perk, it is a new talking point for me and my wonderful Uncle Vinny!

3. Madam Secretary (CBS)


The blazers.  The blouses.  The best marriage on TV.  Tea Leoni.  Tim Daly. BEBE NEUWIRTH.  I make sure to watch this every week and I hope I am not the only one because I want it to last as long as CSI/NCIS or whatever that is!

2. Jane the Virgin (CW)


Oh my god I love this show!!  It is soapy, funny, dramatic, romantic and wonderful. Full of beautiful Latinos that are not gang members or undocumented workers begging Olivia Benson for help. The characters are funny, real, and gorgeous.   Also #teammichael

1. The Americans (FX)


I have been casually mentioning The Americans to Trent for the good part of a year and finally we found ourselves between shows and he agreed to give it a shot! The Americans has everything, KGB spying, family drama, marriage problems, mysteries, on point hair and eyeliner (I would expect nothing less from Keri Russell), and so much sexiness that Keri and her costar Matthew Rhys are currently expecting a real baby in real life!

So there you have it, my top ten favorite shows of 2015 in order of favorite-ness.  Let me know some of yours!



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