Resolution #4

Resolution #4

My fourth resolution is to decorate my house.  I have been thinking about moving out of my little studio and into a bigger (and more grownup) place for awhile but have decided to stay for at least another year so now it is time to commit and put something on the walls. Much like my outfit resolution I have to stop waiting for the perfect home and make the home I want now.  Time to look like I really live here and not subletting for someone!  Here’s the plan:

1. Use more color


Nothing like a splash of color to show you have a personality!  I am always drawn to pink couches for some reason.  I wouldn’t even say that I am a “pink” person! I just think it looks fun. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be buying a pink couch anytime soon, but some colorful curtains, pillows or rugs could be possible!

2. Upgrade my bed


A new bedspread, some nicer pillows, a nice bedside table for books and a reading light.  Maybe a fancy rug?  Really, just copy the picture above!

3. Get some plants


The one thing that all the houses that I love has in common is that there are lots of plants.  Beautiful plants!  Keeping them alive is the hardest part, but I am older now, more mature and ready to care for things…I hope!

4. Make or buy art and then hang it up!


If you hang things on the walls, it really looks like you live in the place.  I mean, that is just facts!  If I could by up all of the paintings by Sunny Ra I would.  But while I am counting my pennies I could start hanging up all of the posters that I have collected and start making my own things to hang on the walls!

A book that I have putting a lot of post its in is Beci Orpin’s Home.  There are great ideas and craft projects that I would love to get into this year.  As long as the library will let me keep renewing it.

homebookFavorite review from Goodreads, “This is a hipster kind of book. The cats in the book are cute!” Sounds good to me!

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