Soup night: Spinach and Orzo

Soup night: Spinach and Orzo

I am very lucky to have a partner that loves to cook and I am very happy to let him take the reigns on this household chore.  I mean, the fact that he doesn’t consider it to be a chore says it all!  But schedules change up and life happens and I offered to take over cooking on Mondays.  Gulp!

I decided that during the winter I would try out different soup recipes that I find on Pinterest.  The idea is that it is more difficult to mess up soup than, say, stir fries or things that go in the oven.  My first soup attempt of 2016 was this winner from Gimme Some Oven:


Nicely plated!!  Where are all the spills everywhere!

The recipe was very easy and had a great vegetable to pasta ratio (meaning, lots of pasta).  I added some sausage to it, just some Italian flavored chicken sausage because, well, because sausage tastes good!

I’m starting to get more comfortable here!  And if I run out of Pinterest ideas, I can always go the 641.8 and find a great soup cookbook!


Soup and Bread?!?!  Yes please!  


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