Louisville Zoo

Louisville Zoo

I have been living in Louisville for a year and a half and I haven’t stopped by the zoo yet!  I thought that a not-too-cold day in the winter would be a good time to come by and I was right! It wasn’t very crowded with people, the animals were out and running around because of the cold and you get to see some animals that are usually hiding like the snow leopard.

The zoo is also a great place to get some steps in, they even mark out a mile loop for you.  I live close enough that I am considering getting a membership just so I have a place to take some interesting walks/runs when it gets warmer outside!  I also realized what my favorite animal is (something that comes up more than you would think while working in an elementary school) a FLAMINGO!  I love the color AND their diet is mainly shrimp.  Loved ones that have seen me fill a plate with only shrimp at a buffet get this.  It is no surprise that one of my favorite picture books is Flora and the Flamingo:


Molly Idle’s wordless picture book about a girl having a dance off with a Flamingo.  Yes. Please.

Other picture books I like about animals and more specifically about zoos are:

 Wild about books by Judy Sierra and My heart is like a zoo by Michael Hall.  The are both beautifully illustrated picture books that rhyme that have been crowd pleasers during storytime!


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