Tone it Up!

Tone it Up!

I should hate these women:


Their names are Karena and Katrina, also known as the Tone it Up girls.  They have (or had?) a tv show on Bravo.  They do a lot of workouts on the beach and make you watch long intros of them posing in underwear before you get to their workouts.  But you know what?

Their workouts are really good.

So I made a plan to start most of my mornings with Karena or Katrina or both.  They have a lot of free videos on YouTube, going from 10 to 30 minutes.  Right now I am doing the “Love your body” series.  The series is supposed to get you ready for Valentine’s day.  Karena and Katrina work out in what looks like Regina George’s bedroom in Mean Girls withflower petals thrown around the Yoga mats.  When I first saw it, I rolled my eyes.  But when Katrina made me start doing kettle bell swings and I shut up.  Now I’m hooked and have a whole routine.  Here it is:

Monday-10 minutes of arms and abs with Karena 

Tuesday and Thursday-Kettlebells with Katrina (16 minutes)

Wednesday-Legs and Butt (I’m sorry, booty!) with Katrina (15 minutes)

Friday-HIIT Training with Karena and Katrina for 20 minutes  

I did this for a week and almost lost 2 pounds. Pretty crazy.  They have lots of other videos to check out, which is great for people like me who need to mix things up.  Oh!  And they wrote a book:


I will not be buying this book.  But I WILL check it out at the library!


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