The T says it all

The T says it all

I am heading to Nordstom tomorrow with some girlfriends.  The goal?  To get me some stylish clothes for work and going out!  I am excited and nervous about this because I will be meeting with a personal stylist like a fancy lady!  Once I have my basics down, I want to start a collection of t-shirts that say things, and, you know, wear them with blazers and look cool.  Here are some that speak to me:


Now I know this is not about real libraries, and instead something that people say on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  But I think I can pull it off because I am a librarian! And any middle school student that knows it is from RuPaul will be my new favorite.



If only I could Be Yonce!!  I can settle for the t shirt instead.


When I ask for a pop in Louisville people look at me like I am asking for a ride to Neptune.  This has made me double down on calling my Diet Cokes pop!


For real, never forget!  I certainly didn’t when I had to weed out all of the astronomy books in my library that were published before 2006.  We lost a lot of books that day!


A perfect sweatshirt for how I know I will be feeling after my amazing staycation is over next week!



And finally, something I find myself needing to say often:



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