Staycaition Diaries: Nordstrom Trip

Staycaition Diaries: Nordstrom Trip

So I did it!  I took my tax check to Nordstrom and WENT. TO. TOWN!

We only have a Nordstom Rack in Louisville and all of the endless racks really stresses me out, so I drove up to Indianapolis with my friend Anne and met up with my friend Carey at her old stomping ground, the Fashion Mall at Keystone Crossing.  That is one fancy mall, there is a Crate and Barrel in there!

I had used a personal stylist once before, when I had to buy a (beautiful) bridesmaid dress and had no idea what to wear over it (wrap? jacket?) under it (spanx? 10 spanx?) and on my feet.  The stylist got my dress, helped me figure out what else to get with it and even had a tailor come and fix the straps.  Everything was free and incredibly helpful!

Results of first Nordstrom Trip!  

This time around, Carey set me up with her old friend Josh, who is so stylish that he can pull off wearing scarves inside.  Sigh, that never looks right on me!  Before the appointment he emailed me with a list of questions.  Things like, what colors I liked (jewel tones), what my goals were (different styles for curvy women), what kind of jewelry I liked (GOLD) and so on.  When I got to the Nordstrom I was lead to a big dressing room with great lighting, bottled water and eight different outfits to start with, down to the shoes and jewelry.


There were things here that I would have never tried.  Boyfriend jeans?  A horizontal striped boxy dress?  A olive green jacket?? But I did, and I loved them all and I bought them all.

So there are a few morals to this story.  First, don’t wait until you have your perfect body or perfect life to treat yourself to some new clothes.  Buy clothes that fit you now, that make you feel good now, instead of waiting till you get back into your size 8 Anthropolgie dress.  Second, always go shopping with wonderful friends that will make a fuss and ohh and ahh no matter what you wear and will cheer when you finally decide to put down some cash. And finally, go to Nordstrom and get a personal shopper.  You deserve to be treated like Pretty Woman without having to be a prostitute!




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