Bingo has been my go to library game for the last few weeks and it is a hit for all ages!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Bingo cards made by Megan from Balancing Home.


I’m telling you, this game brought out a kind of eerie silence in my middle school classes.  I told them that I was brought up in a hard core Bingo family, so they knew I meant business.  In my family we play for cash:


That was my gas money home!!

For my littlest kids, we started playing ABC Bingo to practice letter recognition:


This Bingo set was made by Amber at Crazy Little Projects.  We play this game in Kindergarten in between books and I started giving out little erasers as prizes like I did with the middle school.  The only difference is that in Kindergarten I had to promise to give everyone an eraser at the end of March to avoid meltdowns due to unfairness.  I’m sure middle school felt the same way, but kept it to themselves.

I found the Bingo games on Pinterest, where you can find bingo boards covering everything from fractions to Star Wars!



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