on Pinterest: Earrings

on Pinterest: Earrings

I got my ears pierced on the first day of summer vacation:


Trent lovingly held my hand through the process.  Getting pierced four times is no joke, but I kept my brave face on for all of the kids that were in Claire’s.

I found out that I have to keep my studs in for 6-8 weeks (!) so I’m glad I went for some blinged-out CZ studs and cute tiny star studs for the summer.  But I’m already daydreaming about new earrings for the fall.  Join me on this Pinterest journey, won’t you?


Cool Cactus earrings that remind me of my friend Sarah, who makes adorable felt cacti!  I have one sitting on my bookshelf and it reminds me of our fun crafternoons together.  (from etsy)


Who knew J.Crew had such fancy earrings?  I want to get all dressed up in my new black wrap dress (shout out to Nordstrom Rack!) and go to the Louisville Ballet! (link)



You can take a girl out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the girl!  While I love my new home in Louisville, I will always be a New Yorker at heart!  Born and spent my formative years (0-11) in Buffalo, and then my second formative years (20-30) in NYC, I still root for the Buffalo Bills and say “yous guys” when addressing my middle school classes.  These earrings would be a great way to represent! (link)




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