For a hot minute I considered dropping 100 bucks on the Brazil Butt lift system which is crazy.  This is what happens when you spend lazy Sundays watching infomercials.  I mean, I started to watch the infomercial for fun, you know to make fun of it. And then I started thinking, “well damn, maybe I do need a Brazil Butt Lift!”

It took a couple of days to knock myself out of it, and remember that I have free access to workout videos via YouTube!  Gotta love the tone it up girls!  Here is what I’ve been doing lately:

Kettle Booty is such a silly name. But it works!  I mean I think it works, it is only 15 minutes long and I’m sweating at the end.  And its not just for the butt, you are working everything!

I am also making an effort to stretch more often after a woman at the gym told me that it looks like I have knock knees and I need to stretch out my outer thighs to avoid knee pain.  I’m not sure if she was a doctor or anything, maybe she was me in the future who has come back in time to help me avoid sciatica.  At any rate, I went out and bought a foam roller and have been using this video to help keep on task when it comes to stretching:

I have a hard time with the abs part because I was cheap and bought a much smaller foam roller, and because I have fair to poor ab strength!  But I do think it has helped with my knees and my posture!


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