WKND: vegan dinners, grilled hotdogs, and African Drum Circles

WKND: vegan dinners, grilled hotdogs, and African Drum Circles

It was a great weekend in Louisville, it was Pride weekend, for one, my family was in town.  And I ate a lot of really great food!  Which is always great.  Here are some highlights:

Celebrating a 50th Anniversary at Fond

50 years?!  Woah that’s a long time. I didn’t know the couple that well, they are parents of one of Trent’s high school friends.  But by the end of the 5 course, all vegan, totally delicious meal, I felt like one of the family.  You can’t help it with great company and the cozy atmosphere at Fond.  It is a mini grocery store that sells local delicacies that transforms to a 12 seat restaurant on the weekends!

Watching my mom rock out in an African drum circle

While my brothers were sleeping in, my mom and I rose early to go to a benefit for a very worthy cause, Arts in Healing.  Arts in Healing works to connect local artists to community groups (VA Hospitals, Emergency Shelters, Hospices) bringing free visual art, music, storytelling, and literature programs as a means for self expression and therapy.  I am more than happy to support this cause!  Especially when it involves getting to play in a drum circle!  My mom is, clearly, a natural.

Finding my new grilled hot dog spot

Mom and I worked up an appetite while drumming up a storm.  I asked what she wanted for lunch and she said, “grilled hot dog.”  Well of course!   We are from Buffalo after all, the land of Ted’s (aka the greatest hot dog experience you’ll have) but I haven’t found a place to get a grilled hot dog yet.  We took a chance on Bluegrass Burgers and I’m so glad we did!  It was cheap and really really really good.  AND they have a HUGE toppings bar with everything from pickles three ways, pineapple salsa to sauerkraut and at least a dozen different kinds of dressing.  I could go on about this forever.  We loved it so much that we went back with my brothers for dinner!

Coffee, always coffee

Trent and I have gotten a cool routine down.  Where we will go to a coffee shop in the mornings and spend a couple of hours reading and drinking iced coffee.  Okay, clearly it isn’t a groundbreaking idea but it is something that I’m always looking forward to.



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