WKND: Louisville on the Cheap

WKND: Louisville on the Cheap

Another great weekend in Louisville!  I am trying to save my $$ for some summer trips so T and I hung out in the city without dropping too much cash!

Stop One: Speed Art Museum

Now this isn’t the cheapest thing to do, adult admission is 12 bucks. But T and I have a membership so it was free!  And we have been going pretty regularly so the price per visit is dropping!  This time, we went to the free tour which happens almost every day at 1pm.  The website says that the tour goes for an hour but our guide took us through the whole museum for well beyond an hour.  Not that we minded, and he said his feelings wouldn’t be hurt if we took off.  So we did, especially in the modern art section which was my favorite!

Stop Two: Village 8

Go here while its still open!  The Village 8 is Louisville’s beloved second run theater where you can get tickets for a low as 3 bucks a person!  We went to the matinee showing of Melissa McCartney’s The Boss.  Which was pretty funny, but I couldn’t laugh as much as I wanted to because people brought their kids to the show!  Pro Tip, don’t bring kids to a MM movie!  They are funny because she says terrible things!

Stop Three: The Main Library

I need to write a blog post someday about Louisville’s Main Library.  The people there are so nice, the book selections are good, the programs are great (especially their annual How To Fest) but their main branch could really use a beautification update!  Maybe there are plans in the works that I am not privy to, but LFPL has been building beautiful regional branches and I hope that they show downtown some love sometime soon!

At any rate, the library is still a great place to wander around on a hot afternoon, we picked up some travel books for our upcoming trip and the split up, him to US History, me to health and beauty (picked up a new book written by none other than Kate Hudson!).  We met up and had a super nerdy conversation that went something like this:

  T: Check out this book! (shows me the spine)

Me: 972? Well that’s not quite US History…hmmm. Central America?

T: The West Indies!  Specifically…the Danish West Indies…

So, we are pretty cool as you can tell!


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