Ani Show

Ani Show

img swiped from T’s facebook page!

I went to see Ani DiFranco at Mercury Ballroom.  I didn’t listen to Ani a ton before this but I was excited to go for a couple a reasons.

  1. To watch Trent watch Ani, he is a fan.
  2. Because when I do listen to Ani, I like her a lot!
  3. Because Ani is from Buffalo, and I will see any Buffalo artist if they come to Louisville, even if that means I have to see Chad Michael Murray in a Humana Fest play at Actors. (Just kidding, I would be SO DOWN to do that if it happened)
  4. I love Ani’s Read Poster


I think she is holding an Woodie Guthrie biography.   Side note and librarian rant, the ALA should really reprint their vintage READ posters!!  That would be a huge money maker!!  I mean, what do you want more, Taylor Swift holding a copy of The Giver or David Bowie reading Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot?  In fact, take a look at all of these gems on Flavorwire!


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