DC Day 2: Museums and Mother Ships

DC Day 2: Museums and Mother Ships

Once you get to DC, your days can be pretty cheap because there are 17 free museums in the city.  And these are museums that you can get lost in for days.  We picked two: the National Gallery of Art and the National Portrait Gallery.

That National Gallery of Art is big big big! We got there at the end of the first day actually.  We waited around to take the tour but the tour guide had such a quiet voice that we slipped out and hung out with the 17th century Dutch art for awhile.  There were so many paintings that you see in art books there that it is like spotting celebrities.  I hit a wall when we got to the French Impressionists which was too bad.  We made promises that we’d go back the next day but, alas.  Too much to see!

Frommer’s gave us a good tip.  The National Portrait Gallery is open “late” as far as museums go.  While most close at around 5, this one is open till seven, so you can save it for last and not worry about being rushed.  Two of my favorites were a painting of Toni Morrison that was so realistic I could have sworn it was a photograph, and the iconic painting of the four female Supreme Court Justices, both current and retired.  And speaking of SCOTUS:


We went there!!  Some highlights: the movie you can watch about the Supreme Court.  All of the portraits of former justices, AND RUNNING INTO JUSTICE KAGAN!! We were walking up the stairs, we took a wrong turn and there she was with her clerks.  She looked over, and Trent and I froze with out mouths open and then she smiled and kept it moving.  Which was probably the right choice.  Trent beat me to the FB announcement:


Screenshot 2016-07-02 at 6.53.00 PM

We also visited my mothership, the Library of Congress.


I. Just Can’t.  First of all, the LOC is the most beautiful building I’ve even been in.  Inside and out, it was breathtaking:

Trust, I took a TON of pictures and Trent took a lot too (which were way better and I am using them here!).  Best believe there will be some power points created for my middle school classes, they are going to love it!


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