Here are some pictures of a recent weekend I spent with some of my very best friends in my old stomping grounds, Brooklyn, New York.  I had a big list of all of these New York City things I wanted to do, go to the MET and the main library, walk through Central Park, etc.  But for this trip, I loved hanging out with my best friend Mary, visiting friends and their adorable babies, and chatting over “Peruvian french fries” (that’s french fries with cut up hot dogs) with Morrell (I wish I had pictures of that one!)

Here are some pictures of my favorite spots:


  1. Sarah and Mary at The Meatball Shop.  Mary and I chilled at her place until “brunch” became a solid “lunch” and I wanted meatballs. Meatballs were the go-to hot food of 2011, which was the last time I lived in Williamsburg so I still thought it was cool and my friends humored me!   While Mary and I were waiting we spotted Law and Order goddess Kelli Giddish!  I didn’t have the courage to ask her what her problem was with Olivia in the last few episodes and she looked pretty hungry for meatballs so we left her alone. kelli
  2. Bowling at Gutter.  A perfect afternoon activity.  We had to wait awhile for a spot at one of their six alleys but we passed the time splitting a pitcher at a bar that looks like a place my grandpa would have loved in Buffalo.  Bowling is always fun, you never see people bummed out at a bowling alley.
    img from explore bklyn


  3. Karaoke at Beats.  This was a new spot for us, usually we would trek to the Lower East Side or even Koreatown for a karaoke room.  So when Mary heard about a new spot in Brooklyn, we jumped at a chance to stay on our side of the East River.  Beats is very new, clean, and classy.  We had a lot of fun, I only have two complaints. One is that it is yet another spot that does not have Yes by LMFAO, whhhyyyy??  It’s their best song!  It also closed at midnight, we could have gone way later.  But maybe Beats was just doing us a favor, knowing that we had to get up for an early brunch!
  4. Brunch with Malaika and Deanna (and Mary!) at Sisters.  My first time at this place and I liked it a lot.  I tried out their savory french toast and I’m hooked!  Now you can have sweet and savory for brunch!  I took this lesson home and have been eating a waffle with a fried egg on top for breakfast.
  5. Did not have pictures of my walk with Sarah through Greenpoint with a stop at Ovenly but that was a highlight as well.  There is so much to see in Greenpoint, which was not totally the case when I lived there!

Such a great time in NYC, I’m sure I will come back soon!


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