CLASS: Embroidery

CLASS: Embroidery

I took a class at Level Up Louisville last week.  I mentioned it earlier on the blog when I talked about Made Market. My partner in crime, Anne, came too! It was exactly what I had hoped for, a lot of chill people, hanging out, drinking kambucha, talking about Selena Gomez and making crafts.  A perfect way to spend a Thursday evening.  The bottom picture (above) is my finished product, pretty nice I think!  I’m going to work on my embroidery kit (the taco one) this week and then maybe venture off on my own (I’m thinking something Kim Kardashian-themed!).  It wouldn’t be booksmart if I didn’t share my favorite embroidery book with you!


Stitched Gifts by Jessica Marquez is filled with great ideas!  I especially like the project that looks like a blueprint of your house:


This would be very easy to do for my tiny studio!

BKLST: All about the library

BKLST: All about the library

This week we are talking about libraries and taking care of books!  Here are some of the books we are reading!

  1. Dinosaur vs. the Library by Bob Shea.  For my youngest classes, books by Bob Shea is always a hit! This is a great  way to get into library rules too.
  2. Library Lion by Michelle Kundson.  This is actually the book that I read during my job interview at my current school!  It is long book but I like to read it to 1st graders.  Again, a great way to get into library rules and the kids are really pulling for the Lion by the end.  I think I’ll always read this one, it has sentimental value!
  3. Bats at the Library by Brian Lies.  Like Library Lion and 1st grade, this is a book that I always read to 2nd graders.  It is a fun story and a rhyming book which are always fun to read. Brian Lies has a whole bunch of these books (Bats in the Band, Bats at the Beach, etc)
  4. Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library by Barb Rosenstock.  I read this one to my 4th grade classes.  I thought it would be a good fit, they will start studying Jefferson and the American Revolution this year, and I get to talk about the Library of Congress.  And, you know, make a slide show and stuff. No big deal.


WKND: Chill time

WKND: Chill time

Hi there!  I hope you had a great weekend!  After the first week of school all I wanted to do was chill out at home, so that is exactly what I did!  Here are some highlights:


I watched all of Stranger Things on Netflix. Eight episodes of true magic.  I think it might be my favorite Netflix show ever, which is saying something because I love Robin Wright in House of Cards.


Read lots of magazines on my Zinio app.

Hit up a coffee shop for some reading (me) and grading (him).  This time we went to Day’s Coffee on Bardstown.  Great booths to hang out in!

Back at it this week with books about libraries and new craft obsessions…stay tuned!


Celeb Book: Kate Hudson

Celeb Book: Kate Hudson


The thing about celeb lifestyle books is that you are always surprised when a celeb actually writes one and when they do, it’s like, “oh well of course!”

That’s how I felt about Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy: Healthy ways to love your body.

I came across this book in the library a few weeks ago and thought, Kate Hudson what?!?  I mean I guess she is famous but not Goop level.  And is being beautiful really the only requirement you need to write a lifestyle book?

Then I thought, stop being a jerk and just read to book!

So in honor of the pivotal Hudson film, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days I give you:


  1. Laughing near a piano
  2. Laughing while wearing lots of hats
  3. Having deep thoughts while journalist
  4. Sun Salutations while wearing underwear
  5. Knowing your dosha (mine is the chubbiest and laziest)
  6. Crystals!

This is a great book to get from the library.  It is what I thought Cameron Diaz’s book was going to be, glossy beautiful pictures, Kate Hudson life stories, and a dosha quiz that gets oddly personal.  I would check it out if only for the pictures!

BKLIST: Back to School

BKLIST: Back to School

Here are some of the books I am reading this week!  It is the first week of school so I’ve pulled some great back to school books:

  1. Mouse’s First Day of School by Lauren Thompson.  A great boardbook that I think will be a hit with my preschool classes.  There are a few words on each page and bright colorful pictures of all of the fun things kids get to do at school!
  2. If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff.  A classic!  Kids in my JK and K classes may have already read it but they will be excited to hear it again, or they may just recognize the same mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!
  3. First Grade, Here I Come!  by Tony Johnston. There are so many “first day of Kindergarten” books out there so I am always on the lookout for similar books for different grades.  This is a rhyming book with great pictures that could be used for a lot of back to school discussions!
  4. School’s First Day of School by Adam Rex. 2nd and 3rd graders will hear the story of a brand new school that is nervous about the kids that are going to coming for the first time the next day.  This is one of my favorites. I love the story, the fact that the school in the book is Frederick Douglass Elementary School and the illustrations!  Christian Robinson is one of my favorite illustrators and has the greatest projects!


WKND: Made Market

WKND: Made Market

I had Louisville’s Made Market in my calendar for a while.  I love it here, but one thing I’ve missed since moving to Kentucky are the hipster craft markets of Brooklyn.  BK also has a great community of crafters, something I haven’t been able to find here just yet.  And then…I found the Made Market! There were lots of local vendors selling great pottery, hand printed fabric sewn into zip up pouches, reclaimed wood projects and art prints, oh the art prints!

Here’s what I bought:

WP_20160815_17_39_01_ProThe cutest little teacup from a Lexington based potter named Leah Combs.  This cup is TINY but I never drink a whole cup of coffee so it is actually the perfect size!

WP_20160815_17_40_37_Pro New earrings to try when I can finally take out my just pierced earrings!  Burdees is a Louisville based business.

WP_20160815_17_40_57_ProThis embroidery kit from Thistle and Thread.  I got into embroidery years ago and I’m excited to start again, especially since I forgot how to knit all of a sudden!  The owners of T&T also told me about classes you can take through a group called Level Up Louisville.  I’m taking my first one on Thursday!

It is weekends like this that make Louisville feel more and more like home!  I’ll let you know how the class goes!