WKND: Made Market

WKND: Made Market

I had Louisville’s Made Market in my calendar for a while.  I love it here, but one thing I’ve missed since moving to Kentucky are the hipster craft markets of Brooklyn.  BK also has a great community of crafters, something I haven’t been able to find here just yet.  And then…I found the Made Market! There were lots of local vendors selling great pottery, hand printed fabric sewn into zip up pouches, reclaimed wood projects and art prints, oh the art prints!

Here’s what I bought:

WP_20160815_17_39_01_ProThe cutest little teacup from a Lexington based potter named Leah Combs.  This cup is TINY but I never drink a whole cup of coffee so it is actually the perfect size!

WP_20160815_17_40_37_Pro New earrings to try when I can finally take out my just pierced earrings!  Burdees is a Louisville based business.

WP_20160815_17_40_57_ProThis embroidery kit from Thistle and Thread.  I got into embroidery years ago and I’m excited to start again, especially since I forgot how to knit all of a sudden!  The owners of T&T also told me about classes you can take through a group called Level Up Louisville.  I’m taking my first one on Thursday!

It is weekends like this that make Louisville feel more and more like home!  I’ll let you know how the class goes!


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