BKLIST: Back to School

BKLIST: Back to School

Here are some of the books I am reading this week!  It is the first week of school so I’ve pulled some great back to school books:

  1. Mouse’s First Day of School by Lauren Thompson.  A great boardbook that I think will be a hit with my preschool classes.  There are a few words on each page and bright colorful pictures of all of the fun things kids get to do at school!
  2. If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff.  A classic!  Kids in my JK and K classes may have already read it but they will be excited to hear it again, or they may just recognize the same mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!
  3. First Grade, Here I Come!  by Tony Johnston. There are so many “first day of Kindergarten” books out there so I am always on the lookout for similar books for different grades.  This is a rhyming book with great pictures that could be used for a lot of back to school discussions!
  4. School’s First Day of School by Adam Rex. 2nd and 3rd graders will hear the story of a brand new school that is nervous about the kids that are going to coming for the first time the next day.  This is one of my favorites. I love the story, the fact that the school in the book is Frederick Douglass Elementary School and the illustrations!  Christian Robinson is one of my favorite illustrators and has the greatest projects!



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