Celeb Book: Kate Hudson

Celeb Book: Kate Hudson


The thing about celeb lifestyle books is that you are always surprised when a celeb actually writes one and when they do, it’s like, “oh well of course!”

That’s how I felt about Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy: Healthy ways to love your body.

I came across this book in the library a few weeks ago and thought, Kate Hudson what?!?  I mean I guess she is famous but not Goop level.  And is being beautiful really the only requirement you need to write a lifestyle book?

Then I thought, stop being a jerk and just read to book!

So in honor of the pivotal Hudson film, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days I give you:


  1. Laughing near a piano
  2. Laughing while wearing lots of hats
  3. Having deep thoughts while journalist
  4. Sun Salutations while wearing underwear
  5. Knowing your dosha (mine is the chubbiest and laziest)
  6. Crystals!

This is a great book to get from the library.  It is what I thought Cameron Diaz’s book was going to be, glossy beautiful pictures, Kate Hudson life stories, and a dosha quiz that gets oddly personal.  I would check it out if only for the pictures!


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