BKLST: All about the library

BKLST: All about the library

This week we are talking about libraries and taking care of books!  Here are some of the books we are reading!

  1. Dinosaur vs. the Library by Bob Shea.  For my youngest classes, books by Bob Shea is always a hit! This is a great  way to get into library rules too.
  2. Library Lion by Michelle Kundson.  This is actually the book that I read during my job interview at my current school!  It is long book but I like to read it to 1st graders.  Again, a great way to get into library rules and the kids are really pulling for the Lion by the end.  I think I’ll always read this one, it has sentimental value!
  3. Bats at the Library by Brian Lies.  Like Library Lion and 1st grade, this is a book that I always read to 2nd graders.  It is a fun story and a rhyming book which are always fun to read. Brian Lies has a whole bunch of these books (Bats in the Band, Bats at the Beach, etc)
  4. Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library by Barb Rosenstock.  I read this one to my 4th grade classes.  I thought it would be a good fit, they will start studying Jefferson and the American Revolution this year, and I get to talk about the Library of Congress.  And, you know, make a slide show and stuff. No big deal.



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