CLASS: Embroidery

CLASS: Embroidery

I took a class at Level Up Louisville last week.  I mentioned it earlier on the blog when I talked about Made Market. My partner in crime, Anne, came too! It was exactly what I had hoped for, a lot of chill people, hanging out, drinking kambucha, talking about Selena Gomez and making crafts.  A perfect way to spend a Thursday evening.  The bottom picture (above) is my finished product, pretty nice I think!  I’m going to work on my embroidery kit (the taco one) this week and then maybe venture off on my own (I’m thinking something Kim Kardashian-themed!).  It wouldn’t be booksmart if I didn’t share my favorite embroidery book with you!


Stitched Gifts by Jessica Marquez is filled with great ideas!  I especially like the project that looks like a blueprint of your house:


This would be very easy to do for my tiny studio!


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