Wise Women: Michelle Obama

Wise Women: Michelle Obama


“When you’ve worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.”

img from the verge / quote found on Cup of Jo


Pine Mountain: Day Two

Pine Mountain: Day Two

Getting into the swing of things, its our first few days of classes!  Lots of the kids stayed up way to late so they where near crazy towards the end, the perk is that they got LOTS of sleep last night.  Their chaperone?  Not so much, the WiFi in our cabin started to work so yours truly was up way to late watching Hillary videos, Penatonix videos, Lin Manuel Miranda videos, etc.

Today is the summit hike,  I am making my way up a mountain everyone!  Crazy!


Pine Mountain Pics: Day One

Pine Mountain Pics: Day One

Picture One: Girls ready and excited for the trip. Here they are serving me their best college girl looks!

Picture Two: Pine Mountain rules, you better not let me hear you curse!

Picture Three: Anne and I, two very excited chaperones!

Picture Four: From this morning, my morning walk view!  I was listening to Bitch Sesh, the hilarious podcast about Real Housewives, so that was a nice juxtaposition!

Also, finished reading this gem on the bus ride to Pine Mountain!


Gotta say, it was really good!  If you have avoided learning how it ends by now, give it a read!  I bought it last weekend at the New Albany book sale and finished it very quickly which is rare for me!  Now I am ready for the movie!



WKND: Back to school recovery

WKND: Back to school recovery

Well Hello!!

Louisville Skyline

It sure has been awhile!  Every year I am shocked and amazed at how hard it is to get into a back to school routine.  Especially since I am anxiously awaiting the start of school come early August!  And then? It happens!  And T and I become zombies that can barley stay away for an episode of something on Netflix!

Slowly but surely we are rejoining the living and this weekend was a fun recovery weekend. Friday was T’s birthday and it was spent reading lots of fun books, lounging around at home, and dance recitals!


That is me in a line dance recital!  I only messed up a couple times, there was that sinking feeling where I’m facing one way and everyone else is facing another way!

Then we went out to dinner at a new to us spot:


Louvino, a combination wine bar and tapas spot on Bardstown Rd.  Great wine, really great tapas, and not bad price wise, it is a great place to take someone on their birthday.

We went to our favorite book sale and I got a great new stack of books (the money we save on books goes in to buying more bookshelves! ) and then…there was Netflix.


We finished the second season of Narcos and started Damages starring the fabulous Glenn Close.


I love to watch lawyer dramas with T because he’s always telling me why they are so unrealistic!

So that was my weekend, I’m feeling refreshed and excited to write more on the blog!