WKND: Back to school recovery


Well Hello!!


Louisville Skyline

It sure has been awhile!  Every year I am shocked and amazed at how hard it is to get into a back to school routine.  Especially since I am anxiously awaiting the start of school come early August!  And then? It happens!  And T and I become zombies that can barley stay away for an episode of something on Netflix!

Slowly but surely we are rejoining the living and this weekend was a fun recovery weekend. Friday was T’s birthday and it was spent reading lots of fun books, lounging around at home, and dance recitals!


That is me in a line dance recital!  I only messed up a couple times, there was that sinking feeling where I’m facing one way and everyone else is facing another way!

Then we went out to dinner at a new to us spot:


Louvino, a combination wine bar and tapas spot on Bardstown Rd.  Great wine, really great tapas, and not bad price wise, it is a great place to take someone on their birthday.

We went to our favorite book sale and I got a great new stack of books (the money we save on books goes in to buying more bookshelves! ) and then…there was Netflix.


We finished the second season of Narcos and started Damages starring the fabulous Glenn Close.


I love to watch lawyer dramas with T because he’s always telling me why they are so unrealistic!

So that was my weekend, I’m feeling refreshed and excited to write more on the blog!




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