summer goals

summer goals


This picture, taken at last night’s end of the year party, perfectly encapsulates my feelings and goals for this summer.  Summer officially starts for me today, now that graduations and faculty meetings and parties are over.  And after what I consider my most difficult (but not any less rewarding) year of teaching has come to a close.  I am very determined to make the most out of this summer.  This summer I want to read only the books that I love, not the books that I feel like I have to read.  This summer I want to eat food that I love, and not waste my time on junk that I eat mindlessly.  This summer I want to try new things that I’ve always wanted to try, like weaving, canoeing and baking (even though it will probably be too hot to bake in my attic studio).  This summer I want to only do things that make me as happy as a giant bowl of shrimp with too much cocktail sauce.


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