Some things that I bought this month, thanks to things that I read:

Martha Stewart Living is my favorite magazine and encourages me to buy a lot of things, the good part is that I rarely regret these purchases.  This month I bought:


A New Way to Bake by Martha Stewart.  I was influenced by an article with a recipe for breakfast cookies AND watching lots of British Bake Off on Netflix.

Some new summer dresses from Winter Water Factory.  I have been on the hunt for some easy dresses for the summer but I just can’t deal with all of the sleeveless dresses out there, as if we all have Michelle Obama arms!!  And when I found a summer dress with sleeves, they were usually a crew neck and I need a deep V.  I also wanted to find some dresses that were probably not made in sweatshops and had some fun prints.  So…obviously this was hard to find.   THEN I read an article (in Martha Stewart Living) about an artist that makes her own fabric and when I went to the website I found these adorable dresses!  Cute, made of cotton, with sleeves and a deep V AND made in the USA.  Just ordered these two, hoping they fit right! (img from Winter Water Factory)



I have been inspired to step up my earring game by a soon-to-be 2nd grader at school who just got her ears pierced and always wants to compare earrings.  She is disappointed when I only rock my CZs.  I mixed it up with these beauties from J.Crew, seen on a blog post.  Avoid blog posts if you don’t want to buy things!  Except for this one, obviously.


img from Natalie Miller Design

I bought a loom from Natalie Kaelin, a local artisan who had a class through Level Up Lou.  My first project is okay but did not photograph well so I am using a way better looking picture that I found on Pinterest of what my future weaving goals look like!

I bought a lot more stuff from Target in May, something I need to do less of!  Hoping to have a more mindful summer, shopping wise, and actually use the things that I bought!


2 thoughts on “shopping

    1. Me too! I have a loose plan to do a bunch of wall hangings that are either the colors of the rainbow or an ombre type of thing!


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