Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  It was beautiful out here in Louisville and I was able to go out and about as planned.

In no particular order:

The San Fermin show at Headliners was wonderful, my favorite live show in quite some time.  So many talented performers in this group and, I won’t lie, I was excited to see a diverse group of musicians performing and having fun on stage together.  It was like a much cooler and talented version of California Dreams. 

GlobaLou was at Iroquois Park on Saturday, lots a great food and music in a very nice park that I haven’t really been to yet.

Bunco with some ladies that I’ve already started to miss from work.  Bunco is a game that I never heard of that reminds me of Yahtzee and made be very competitive even if you are just lucky.  Its rolling dice after all!

Sunny’s art show downtown! Sunny Ra is such a talented artist, I love going to her pop up shows.  Buy her art!!

Then on Sunday I went to see Wonder Woman!!!! Man oh man I was excited about this movie and it did not disappoint.  I cried throughout, and not just at the parts that were supposed to be sad but at the parts that had bad ass women being dope and doing cool stuff.  So, you know, happy and proud tears!  I just wish there was a prequel movie all about Robin Wright!



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