adventures with the wok

adventures with the wok

T and I continued our summer cooking challenge by randomly picking a shelf of cookbooks at the main library and picking a cookbook to try!  We ended up at 641.5951, or, Chinese Food!!


After much deliberation we went with Kylie Kwong’s Simple Chinese Cooking (mainly for the pictures).


Kwong is a Chinese-Australian chef with successful restaurants and a TV show! Here she is being famous in Australia:

So we went with this book because we wanted to use our wok and wanted to try a pork recipe that looked good enough to eat with lettuce wraps (usually, I am not down with a lettuce wrap!)

We immediately ran into some problems!

First the store didn’t have pork, well I should say that the store only had low fat pork, which is pork with an ejected water solution or Italian style ground pork (which is amazing but not what we need here).  We needed the fat, and an ejected water solution seemed weird so we went with ground turkey (with fat).

Second, Kwong’s writing style was not intuitive at least for us and who we like to cook so we had to rewrite the recipe so it made sense to us.  Another example of why you should read a recipe a few times before you get started! Especially when you are stir-frying things and everything has to be fast!!

Finally, white wine.  We forgot about this but thankfully I still had the bottle of Blue Nun that my Uncle Vinny gave me in April!  German wine in Chinese food?  No problem!


After all the prep, and notes, and scrambling (and let’s be honest, he did most of, if not all of, the work) we were rewarded with deliciously flavored turkey with crunchy vegetables, wrapped in lettuce, making it the only way I want to eat lettuce.  We settled down with big bowls of meat, the rest of the Blue Nun and The Departed.  Because when you make Chinese food with German wine, the next set is to watch a movie about the Irish mob!

So here it is, the perfect bite!

IMG_0489 (1)

I had a lot more bites after this!





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