I need to be braver.

img / Luis Robayo

I read an article in The New York Times about protests growing throughout Venezuela.  An 18 year old viola student named Armando Cañizalez joined his friends in a protest and was shot and killed when he approached the police with his arms stretched out.  Many of Cañizalez’s friends and fellow musicians have joined the protest or dedicated performances to him and when I saw the picture above I burst into tears in the middle of Heine Brothers.


Thoughts I had:

  • Man, the US isn’t the only country that is falling apart. I need to look beyond myself more.
  • The world seems to be torn apart by old men and could possibly be saved by young kids.
  • Tank Man
  • I need to be braver.  I have been afraid to call my representatives because in Kentucky, my senators are leading the charge for things I couldn’t be more against.  They are not on the fence, they are over it and gone.
  • But I still need to call.  If I don’t call then I can’t complain about leaving the Paris Agreement and the GOP passing huge bills without a hearing and Planned Parenthood (where I go to the doctor) closing.

So I called.  And it was terrifying and then what sounded like an 18 year old answered the phone and she sounded as scared as I was.  We both got through it and even though I don’t think my phone call will change anything, I still think it is important that I try.

Not sure how to wrap this up.  I just thought it was important to recognize that there are lots of people out there that are much braver than me, and that standing up for what you think is right is scary.  But I promise that you will feel a lot better when you do.


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