Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  If the weather holds I am hoping to wander around New Albany at their Bicentennial Park concert series.  If it is rainy I might take my wandering to the Speed Museum, or honestly just stay in and binge Netflix’s new series, Glow!

I’ve been catching up on some long form magazine reading this week.  Here are a couple of articles that I am still thinking about:

  • My Family’s Slave by Alex Tizon. (The Atlantic)  Tizon talks about Lola, a constant in his life and his struggle after realizing as a teenager that she was his mother’s slave.  There was also a great follow up to this article on NPR’s podcast Code Switch.
  • The Addicts Next Door by Margaret Talbot. (New Yorker)  Talbot writes about the heroin epidemic in West Virginia and how that effects communities there.  Especially interesting to me because of recent news about cuts to drug rehabilitation programs.

The rest of the time, I have just been reading Glamour.

See you next week!



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