So what have I been up to?? Well I watched Glow this weekend.  My prediction is a bunch of wrestling workout classes popping up in NYC and LA in the next few months!  I also had a feast at Monnik on Friday with my friend Anne.  I like this spot because you can get a tiny sample of beer instead of a full pint, that is the amount of beer that I want to drink.  Any more and my drink-nursing habits leaves beer too warm!  We also split three dishes (fries were a major component of this meal) and drinks and it only came to 15 bucks each!  I love a great and cheap meal.

I read a lot this weekend as well.  A great book for kids called The Wild Robot by picture book author Peter Brown and a YA (but could easily be for middle grade) book Jordan Sonnenblick called Falling over Sideways that made me burst out in tears in the middle of Heine Bros! (this happens more often than I’d care to admit!)

So all in all a very relaxing weekend!  This week I am planning to do some work in my library, take a couple walks, and then head out on my second road trip of the summer!



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