one pot cooking

one pot cooking

Our cookbook project brought us to a shelf that held mostly baking books (641.8) which would have been tough for our dinner project.  Luckily the shelf was also the start of the section with one pot recipe cookbooks! (641.82)


One pot recipes are so popular because of the promise of a quick clean up.  Since washing dishes is usually my job in the house, I was down to take this on.  And while the recipe we chose only used one pot (a wok to be more specific) I didn’t have much of a break in the dish-washing department.  We decided on a stir-fry which involves a lot of prep before hand since the actual cooking happens so fast which means lots of tiny bowls.


It also requires a lot of reading and re-reading before you actually get started.  In this project, Trent does the prep work and I try to actually cook.  It was pretty successful this time, although he had to jump in and take over during a few key (chicken cooking) moments.  I am not as speedy as I need to be on the wok!  And you need to be or everything will taste terrible!


Some takeaways:

  • Trent already knows how to make amazing stir-frys (my opinion not his) so he had to ignore his own cooking impulses when making this dish.
  • Stylish One-Dish Dinners is good, but not worth buying
  • Fish sauce smells terrible and makes you think dinner will be terrible but is actually pretty good!
  • The recipe, Chicken Walnut Stir-Fry was okay, the main takeaway for us is that it inspired us to use more Napa Cabbage in stir-frys.


Until next time!


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