NOLA-Part Two

NOLA-Part Two

sunset on Canal St. img by trent!


My favorite part of both of my trips to New Orleans this summer were the long leisurely strolls.    Yesterday I talked about finding great coffee and museums, today it is all about my favorite FREE institutions, public parks and public libraries!


I was able to get a glimpse of City Park when I visited the art museum.  But I spent more time in Audubon park.  The park is 350 acres in Uptown New Orleans, filled with joggers (how you run in 100 degree heat is beyond me!) cyclists and families.  It is home to the most photogenic trees I have ever seen as well as a Zoo, Aquarium, and Butterfly garden!  Parking is tricky but we arrived after 6PM when it was a little cooler and more spots open by the entrance.  I can imagine it would be a bit harder to park when school is in session (Audubon park is very close to Tulane University and Loyola University, across the street really) but it is worth the hassle.  My only regret is not getting a picture of Trent dominating the plyo boxes!  Next time!

The Library!


I thought we wouldn’t be able to visit a public library but, we were able to squeeze in a visit to Uptown’s branch before it closed on our last day in town!

The Milton H. Latter memorial library started as just another giant house for a wealthy family in the early 20th century.  It changed hands a couple times, first it was the home of a family that owned a big New Orleans department store, then it was sold to an aviation pioneer and his silent film star wife.  If was eventually purchased by the Latter family who wished to build a public library to honor their son, Milton, who died fighting in WWII.

The library was so beautiful, I mean, look at one of the reading rooms!!



The children’s room was warm and inviting and featured Drew Brees and his favorite book, (the itsy bitsy spider, lol).   The adult stacks were small but made great use of the space.  Trent and I had a lot of fun looking through the books that the library had to offer.  It was an inspiring visit, I took all of their flyers for future programming inspiration!

And finally….DANCE PARTY


It is not difficult to find a dance party in New Orleans.  In fact you can be having dinner and one will pop up across the street!


Trent and I took a cab to Frenchmen Street and popped in and out of bars, dancing to brass band music.  My favorite spots were d.b.a. and Blue Nile.  Oh, and Praline Connection for dinner!

So there you have it! Just a tiny bit of the New Orleans experience!  Every time I go, there is more to see and do, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of visiting!


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