Me, during my teenage “Bush” fan days

My birthday was on Friday!  I am 34 now.  I was telling someone at work that when I was a kid I loved having my birthday in September because I had one of the first birthdays of the school year.  I really “set the tone” for the birthday parties to come!  But now that I work in a school having a September birthday can be a bit of a drag because I am still in my “back to work” zombie state that really doesn’t ease up until after our fall break.

For my birthday, Trent got me some new watercolor sets!  I am very excited and have dreams of sitting in the Speed Museum painting classy pictures or in the park when it is not ten million degrees out!

Today in the library I read some very cute books to some very cute preschool students

Please, open this book! is a very funny picture book that reminds me a lot of one of my childhood favorites, There’s a monster at the end of this book!  And Children make terrible pets is a book that I always go back to because 4 year-olds think the idea of a human being a pet to a bear is hilarious.

Tonight I will be having a stir fry and watching more of Ken Burns’ Vietnam War.  Guess what?? It is super heartbreaking! But I am learning a lot and have been having a lot of great conversations with people in my life about the war.  Last night I talked for a while about it with my Nana, she told me about how afraid she was that my uncles would get drafted.  So if anything, this documentary is getting people talking!







Slowed way down today.  As expected.  Trying to not be a big baby because I don’t feel good.  I had fun talking about banned book week today.  Kids always get surprised when I tell them about Harry Potter and the Hunger Games being taking out of libraries.  And the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear being banned because the author was mixed up with someone else!





FullSizeRender (2)

Today I was excited about how many kids wanted to take home an audio-book.  I spent a big chunk of my summer office hours on setting up the A/V collection so it is nice to see it get some use.  Now I am just hoping that all of the book sets come back in one piece!

Tonight I am going to try to get a lot of rest.  I can feel a sinus infection coming and that would be such a bummer for my birthday weekend!  On my way home I will be listening to Lincoln in the Bardo though audible (free trial)!  I usually don’t like audio-books by my new library collection inspired to me to give it another shot.  So far, I love it.  This book seems made to “read” in this format.  Also, this audio-book has the world’s best cast:





Favorite part of today was talking about author and illustrator Yuyi Morales.  She was born in Veracruz, Mexico and moved to San Francisco in the early 90s.  She learned English by reading picture books to her son at the public library.  She started illustrating books and then started to write her own!



I love the Niño books! They are fun to read and have great illustrations.


She illustrated Sherman Alexie’s first picture book, Thunderboy Jr. All of my kids love this one and it sparks great conversation!  Here is the presentation that I gave to the 1st graders!

My favorite part of tonight is going to me watching the second episode of Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War.  It is great so far!