I spent a chunk of my first day back processing some of the library’s new books.  This is one of my favorite parts of the job!  I love picking out the new books and putting the stickers on them and then cataloging them.  I have some of my middle school volunteers sticker the new books these days as well.  They say, “oh Ms. Serrano is really weird about where you put the stickers.”  I can’t say that they are wrong!

Here are some new books that I am excited about!

  1. Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa.  Well I don’t know much about this one but I had a lot of MS students request it.  Then I found out it is by a YouTube star.  Okay so I have to buy books by internet celebrities now?
  2. All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis.  Dystopic fantasy about a world where you have to pay for every word you speak.  Perfect for just after banned book week!
  3. Spinning by Tillie Walden.  A graphic novel memoir about ballet?? Yes please!
  4. The Perfect Siesta by Pato Mena.  This is a really fun read-aloud and great bold and graphic illustrations!
  5. Miles Morales: Spiderman by Jason Reynolds.  I will read anything that Jason Reynolds writes.  And I am digging this trend of great authors writing superhero books!  #gatewaybooks
  6. Forest World by Margarita Engle.  I will also read anything by the poet Margarita Engle!  Her novels in verse are BEAUTIFUL, and I happen to have a school full of kids who love that genre.  So, Win-Win!


Tonight I have to run to my landlord’s house to pay my rent (Why, oh why can’t he get on Venmo?!) and then have some past and watch the rest of Netflix’s American Vandal.  Guys of you liked Making a Murderer and Serial you will love this mockumentary.  This Spinal Tap for true crime!  Also, don’t watch it with kids!


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