Thursday: What I’m reading



I actually just finished The First Rule of Punk and it gave me all the feels!  I love a story about a kid that marches to the beat of their own drummer.  And I love stories about multiracial kids (I wish there were books like that when I was younger!).  And I love stories about kids that have to fix their messes.  This book also sparked my long forgotten love of ‘zines!


Just started The Sun is also a Star and I can tell I am going to LOOOOVE it.  Late to the Nicola Yoon train (she wrote Everything, Everything which was made into a movie with Amandla Stenberg) but that is okay, so are most of my kids at school.  This one is a love story about two teens who meet on a crowded street in NYC.  Natasha is 12 hours away from being deported and Daniel is the son of immigrants who is trying to live up to his parent’s expectations.  Loving it.


Guys, I need to clean up my house!  I think a lot of people would look at my studio and think, oh you don’t have that much clutter.  But I am from a family of purgers and simply cannot have too much junk in my house!


Wednesday: After Halloween



After Halloween’s processed food and sugar fest, I am feeling ready to rest and recharge! Put the candy down!  I want to take some long fall walks, drink lots of Trader Joe’s new Winter Tea, maybe some knitting with a new TV show?  I am really excited for Alias Grace on Netflix.  I remember loving that book and Margaret Atwood is really having a moment!