wknd: Speed movies and football fandom




I spent most of my weekend in sweet anticipation for my beloved Buffalo Bills’ first post season game in 17 years!  They lost.  But that is okay.  It was fun actually caring about a sports game, and eating Buffalo Chicken Nachos!


On Saturday, T and I had one of those perfect, wandering days.  A day when you get lots of things done before 4 PM and you are in your pajamas before 6! A highlight was going to the Speed Cinema to watch the documentary Dolores. I highly recommend it!  What I didn’t know is that Dolores Huerta actually made an appearance at the Friday show!!  I can’t believe I missed that! I might have been too star struck though on the day of.

Dolores Huerta is in her late 80s and still working hard for civil rights in the US.  Her passion and drive is inspiring and reminded me of a book that I started this weekend:


Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life talks about how having a purpose and meaningful work is an important element of longevity.  I haven’t finished it, but I do feel lucky that my job is something that I love, something that I want to do, something that helps other people and something that I am good at!  I am on my want to becoming an Ikigai master!  😉

Other things:

  • Fun dinner with girlfriends at Tikka House!  Their Aloo Gobi was really great!
  • Finishing season one of The Sopranos, this is my third time though and I still love it.
  • Seth Meyers’ Golden Globes monologue and Oprah’s speech are worth many re-watches!




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