I’m loving: Carmela and Catastrophe


I have to admit that I have been so stressed out lately!  Nothing crazy, just the days are too short and I am not getting everything done that I want to get done.  So I was extra excited to get into this week’s “I’m loving” because it is forcing me to pay more attention to the less stressful things in life!

So, I have been loving Carmela’s outfits in my annual re-watch of The Sopranos:

Three gold chains, always.  Chain belts!  Animal print pants!  Windbreakers!  I’m just saying, these are some style goals!


I have been watching a quick episode of Catastrophe on Amazon prime the last few days.  Each season only has six episodes so they go by fast and they are so funny that I laugh out loud to the point that I am worried that I am disturbing my neighbor.

So…yeah…it looks like in the bleakness of winter my favorite things are watching tv!  Not very surprising!


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