Top 5: Podcasts


My drive to work is about 40 minutes each way.  I suppose I could drive faster but I have a nightmare about being pulled over at work and all of my coworkers seeing me.  So to help pass the time I have some favorite podcasts and I thought I’d share them!



I like to listen to The Librarian is In on Mondays to get me in the right “super-librarian” mindset.  I love to listen to Frank and Gwen talk about books and their love for reading always shines through.  They are also really funny, which you will see later is a must for me!  Another great literary podcast that I love is Literary Disco, a great podcast about books by my friend Julia, one of my first friends that I made when working as a librarian in the Bronx.  Julia was also featured on an episode of The Librarian is in so full circle!

Dear Sugars is a New York Times advice podcast with Cheryl Strayed (yes, that Cheryl Strayed) and Steve Almond.  Such interesting questions, and such compassionate answers.  My mom and I listened to hours of back episodes of this podcast on our most recent trip to and from Buffalo so lately it has been reminding me of driving through blizzards.

I started listening to the sports podcast Jalen and Jacoby because of David Jacoby’s old show about Reality TV shows (which I really miss!).  This one is about Basketball.  I don’t know much about Basketball but I still think it is funny, it is also a crowd-pleaser when T is in the car.

The Read and Who Weekly are how I know everything I know about pop culture.  The Read is pretty long, a lot of times going for two hours so most of the time I just listen to the news.  Who weekly comes on twice a week and makes me LOL a lot.  Neither are good for kids being around, just an FYI.



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