WKND: Back to school recovery


Well Hello!!


Louisville Skyline

It sure has been awhile!  Every year I am shocked and amazed at how hard it is to get into a back to school routine.  Especially since I am anxiously awaiting the start of school come early August!  And then? It happens!  And T and I become zombies that can barley stay away for an episode of something on Netflix!

Slowly but surely we are rejoining the living and this weekend was a fun recovery weekend. Friday was T’s birthday and it was spent reading lots of fun books, lounging around at home, and dance recitals!


That is me in a line dance recital!  I only messed up a couple times, there was that sinking feeling where I’m facing one way and everyone else is facing another way!

Then we went out to dinner at a new to us spot:


Louvino, a combination wine bar and tapas spot on Bardstown Rd.  Great wine, really great tapas, and not bad price wise, it is a great place to take someone on their birthday.

We went to our favorite book sale and I got a great new stack of books (the money we save on books goes in to buying more bookshelves! ) and then…there was Netflix.


We finished the second season of Narcos and started Damages starring the fabulous Glenn Close.


I love to watch lawyer dramas with T because he’s always telling me why they are so unrealistic!

So that was my weekend, I’m feeling refreshed and excited to write more on the blog!




WKND: Chill time

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Hi there!  I hope you had a great weekend!  After the first week of school all I wanted to do was chill out at home, so that is exactly what I did!  Here are some highlights:


I watched all of Stranger Things on Netflix. Eight episodes of true magic.  I think it might be my favorite Netflix show ever, which is saying something because I love Robin Wright in House of Cards.


Read lots of magazines on my Zinio app.

Hit up a coffee shop for some reading (me) and grading (him).  This time we went to Day’s Coffee on Bardstown.  Great booths to hang out in!

Back at it this week with books about libraries and new craft obsessions…stay tuned!


WKND: Made Market


I had Louisville’s Made Market in my calendar for a while.  I love it here, but one thing I’ve missed since moving to Kentucky are the hipster craft markets of Brooklyn.  BK also has a great community of crafters, something I haven’t been able to find here just yet.  And then…I found the Made Market! There were lots of local vendors selling great pottery, hand printed fabric sewn into zip up pouches, reclaimed wood projects and art prints, oh the art prints!

Here’s what I bought:

WP_20160815_17_39_01_ProThe cutest little teacup from a Lexington based potter named Leah Combs.  This cup is TINY but I never drink a whole cup of coffee so it is actually the perfect size!

WP_20160815_17_40_37_Pro New earrings to try when I can finally take out my just pierced earrings!  Burdees is a Louisville based business.

WP_20160815_17_40_57_ProThis embroidery kit from Thistle and Thread.  I got into embroidery years ago and I’m excited to start again, especially since I forgot how to knit all of a sudden!  The owners of T&T also told me about classes you can take through a group called Level Up Louisville.  I’m taking my first one on Thursday!

It is weekends like this that make Louisville feel more and more like home!  I’ll let you know how the class goes!

WKND: Louisville on the Cheap


Another great weekend in Louisville!  I am trying to save my $$ for some summer trips so T and I hung out in the city without dropping too much cash!

Stop One: Speed Art Museum

Now this isn’t the cheapest thing to do, adult admission is 12 bucks. But T and I have a membership so it was free!  And we have been going pretty regularly so the price per visit is dropping!  This time, we went to the free tour which happens almost every day at 1pm.  The website says that the tour goes for an hour but our guide took us through the whole museum for well beyond an hour.  Not that we minded, and he said his feelings wouldn’t be hurt if we took off.  So we did, especially in the modern art section which was my favorite!

Stop Two: Village 8

Go here while its still open!  The Village 8 is Louisville’s beloved second run theater where you can get tickets for a low as 3 bucks a person!  We went to the matinee showing of Melissa McCartney’s The Boss.  Which was pretty funny, but I couldn’t laugh as much as I wanted to because people brought their kids to the show!  Pro Tip, don’t bring kids to a MM movie!  They are funny because she says terrible things!

Stop Three: The Main Library

I need to write a blog post someday about Louisville’s Main Library.  The people there are so nice, the book selections are good, the programs are great (especially their annual How To Fest) but their main branch could really use a beautification update!  Maybe there are plans in the works that I am not privy to, but LFPL has been building beautiful regional branches and I hope that they show downtown some love sometime soon!

At any rate, the library is still a great place to wander around on a hot afternoon, we picked up some travel books for our upcoming trip and the split up, him to US History, me to health and beauty (picked up a new book written by none other than Kate Hudson!).  We met up and had a super nerdy conversation that went something like this:

  T: Check out this book! (shows me the spine)

Me: 972? Well that’s not quite US History…hmmm. Central America?

T: The West Indies!  Specifically…the Danish West Indies…

So, we are pretty cool as you can tell!

WKND: vegan dinners, grilled hotdogs, and African Drum Circles


It was a great weekend in Louisville, it was Pride weekend, for one, my family was in town.  And I ate a lot of really great food!  Which is always great.  Here are some highlights:

Celebrating a 50th Anniversary at Fond

50 years?!  Woah that’s a long time. I didn’t know the couple that well, they are parents of one of Trent’s high school friends.  But by the end of the 5 course, all vegan, totally delicious meal, I felt like one of the family.  You can’t help it with great company and the cozy atmosphere at Fond.  It is a mini grocery store that sells local delicacies that transforms to a 12 seat restaurant on the weekends!

Watching my mom rock out in an African drum circle

While my brothers were sleeping in, my mom and I rose early to go to a benefit for a very worthy cause, Arts in Healing.  Arts in Healing works to connect local artists to community groups (VA Hospitals, Emergency Shelters, Hospices) bringing free visual art, music, storytelling, and literature programs as a means for self expression and therapy.  I am more than happy to support this cause!  Especially when it involves getting to play in a drum circle!  My mom is, clearly, a natural.

Finding my new grilled hot dog spot

Mom and I worked up an appetite while drumming up a storm.  I asked what she wanted for lunch and she said, “grilled hot dog.”  Well of course!   We are from Buffalo after all, the land of Ted’s (aka the greatest hot dog experience you’ll have) but I haven’t found a place to get a grilled hot dog yet.  We took a chance on Bluegrass Burgers and I’m so glad we did!  It was cheap and really really really good.  AND they have a HUGE toppings bar with everything from pickles three ways, pineapple salsa to sauerkraut and at least a dozen different kinds of dressing.  I could go on about this forever.  We loved it so much that we went back with my brothers for dinner!

Coffee, always coffee

Trent and I have gotten a cool routine down.  Where we will go to a coffee shop in the mornings and spend a couple of hours reading and drinking iced coffee.  Okay, clearly it isn’t a groundbreaking idea but it is something that I’m always looking forward to.


Louisville Zoo


I have been living in Louisville for a year and a half and I haven’t stopped by the zoo yet!  I thought that a not-too-cold day in the winter would be a good time to come by and I was right! It wasn’t very crowded with people, the animals were out and running around because of the cold and you get to see some animals that are usually hiding like the snow leopard.

The zoo is also a great place to get some steps in, they even mark out a mile loop for you.  I live close enough that I am considering getting a membership just so I have a place to take some interesting walks/runs when it gets warmer outside!  I also realized what my favorite animal is (something that comes up more than you would think while working in an elementary school) a FLAMINGO!  I love the color AND their diet is mainly shrimp.  Loved ones that have seen me fill a plate with only shrimp at a buffet get this.  It is no surprise that one of my favorite picture books is Flora and the Flamingo:


Molly Idle’s wordless picture book about a girl having a dance off with a Flamingo.  Yes. Please.

Other picture books I like about animals and more specifically about zoos are:

 Wild about books by Judy Sierra and My heart is like a zoo by Michael Hall.  The are both beautifully illustrated picture books that rhyme that have been crowd pleasers during storytime!