So what have I been up to?? Well I watched Glow this weekend.  My prediction is a bunch of wrestling workout classes popping up in NYC and LA in the next few months!  I also had a feast at Monnik on Friday with my friend Anne.  I like this spot because you can get a tiny sample of beer instead of a full pint, that is the amount of beer that I want to drink.  Any more and my drink-nursing habits leaves beer too warm!  We also split three dishes (fries were a major component of this meal) and drinks and it only came to 15 bucks each!  I love a great and cheap meal.

I read a lot this weekend as well.  A great book for kids called The Wild Robot by picture book author Peter Brown and a YA (but could easily be for middle grade) book Jordan Sonnenblick called Falling over Sideways that made me burst out in tears in the middle of Heine Bros! (this happens more often than I’d care to admit!)

So all in all a very relaxing weekend!  This week I am planning to do some work in my library, take a couple walks, and then head out on my second road trip of the summer!


WKND: Des Moines

WKND: Des Moines


Here are some highlights from my fun filled trip to Des Moines, Iowa!

The Library!


The library, of course!!  I try to see the main library of every new city that I visit, this is my artsy shot of the central library in downtown Des Moines.  So many things that I love about this place.  It was new (built in 2006) and obviously had a modern library mindset when designing the space.  New books were attractively displayed right by the checkout stations for a quick visit.  Meaning, how do people use the library today?  The main collections were organized in an intuitive way.  The kid space was fabulous.  Displays were lowered to a child’s level and there were other activities for children to explore during their visit (legos, audiobooks, toys for babies).  I also really loved how they set up their picture books: IMG_0519

The programming at the library was great too! I took a lot of flyers for ideas later.  Sarah, Maya and I went to a storytime so that I could take notes for my upcoming preschool storytime at school! We had a blast!


Our Wanderings!

After breakfast we spent the mornings wandering around Des Moines.  The first day we went to the Central Library and the neighboring Sculpture Park.  The next day we stopped by the weekly downtown farmer’s market (a great spot to people watch and eat delicious cookies) and shopping in the East Village district which I highly recommend if you are looking for a great neighborhood to explore!



So many great coffee places in Des Moines.  I liked the brand new coffee shop, Horizon Line, which gave me nice Brooklyn vibes.  The menu was limited but the iced coffee was on point.

I also loved Ritual Cafe, which reminded me of college and had been blessed by Buffalo, NY goddess, Wendie Malick.



Whenever Sarah and I get together, we craft.  I started working on my loom and Sarah worked on her Cacti while we watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.

Art Terrarium!

IMG_0555I want to plug my favorite shop of the trip, Art Terrarium.  It is a combination plant shop and art gallery and I wanted to buy everything in it.  It got me thinking about what kind of store I would have if I took two things that I love and combined them.  The answer I came up with was Magazines and Ice Cream!



Oh man, I love these guys so much that I got teary towards the end of the trip!  I can’t wait to visit Des Moines again!





Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  It was beautiful out here in Louisville and I was able to go out and about as planned.

In no particular order:

The San Fermin show at Headliners was wonderful, my favorite live show in quite some time.  So many talented performers in this group and, I won’t lie, I was excited to see a diverse group of musicians performing and having fun on stage together.  It was like a much cooler and talented version of California Dreams. 

GlobaLou was at Iroquois Park on Saturday, lots a great food and music in a very nice park that I haven’t really been to yet.

Bunco with some ladies that I’ve already started to miss from work.  Bunco is a game that I never heard of that reminds me of Yahtzee and made be very competitive even if you are just lucky.  Its rolling dice after all!

Sunny’s art show downtown! Sunny Ra is such a talented artist, I love going to her pop up shows.  Buy her art!!

Then on Sunday I went to see Wonder Woman!!!! Man oh man I was excited about this movie and it did not disappoint.  I cried throughout, and not just at the parts that were supposed to be sad but at the parts that had bad ass women being dope and doing cool stuff.  So, you know, happy and proud tears!  I just wish there was a prequel movie all about Robin Wright!


WKND: Inspiration

WKND: Inspiration

It sure was an inspiring weekend!  I am the proud coach of my school’s 7th and 8th grade academic team (called “Quick Recall”).   We practice twice a week with trivia questions all year in preparation for an all day tournament in January.  We were not victorious but we will always be champions!

Working with the academic team is one of my favorite parts of my job!  It was a little bittersweet that day because I would have loved to be at one of the many women’s marches either in Louisville or in DC!  The silver lining was all of the inspiring pictures I saw on Instagram and Twitter. And living vicariously though girlfriends and my mom!  Here is my favorite, my mom in a pussy hat!


Hope the start of your week is great!  This week I want to talk about award winning books, President Obama as a reader, and my new favorite spot in the library!




WKND: Back to school recovery

WKND: Back to school recovery

Well Hello!!

Louisville Skyline

It sure has been awhile!  Every year I am shocked and amazed at how hard it is to get into a back to school routine.  Especially since I am anxiously awaiting the start of school come early August!  And then? It happens!  And T and I become zombies that can barley stay away for an episode of something on Netflix!

Slowly but surely we are rejoining the living and this weekend was a fun recovery weekend. Friday was T’s birthday and it was spent reading lots of fun books, lounging around at home, and dance recitals!


That is me in a line dance recital!  I only messed up a couple times, there was that sinking feeling where I’m facing one way and everyone else is facing another way!

Then we went out to dinner at a new to us spot:


Louvino, a combination wine bar and tapas spot on Bardstown Rd.  Great wine, really great tapas, and not bad price wise, it is a great place to take someone on their birthday.

We went to our favorite book sale and I got a great new stack of books (the money we save on books goes in to buying more bookshelves! ) and then…there was Netflix.


We finished the second season of Narcos and started Damages starring the fabulous Glenn Close.


I love to watch lawyer dramas with T because he’s always telling me why they are so unrealistic!

So that was my weekend, I’m feeling refreshed and excited to write more on the blog!



WKND: Chill time

WKND: Chill time

Hi there!  I hope you had a great weekend!  After the first week of school all I wanted to do was chill out at home, so that is exactly what I did!  Here are some highlights:


I watched all of Stranger Things on Netflix. Eight episodes of true magic.  I think it might be my favorite Netflix show ever, which is saying something because I love Robin Wright in House of Cards.


Read lots of magazines on my Zinio app.

Hit up a coffee shop for some reading (me) and grading (him).  This time we went to Day’s Coffee on Bardstown.  Great booths to hang out in!

Back at it this week with books about libraries and new craft obsessions…stay tuned!


WKND: Made Market

WKND: Made Market

I had Louisville’s Made Market in my calendar for a while.  I love it here, but one thing I’ve missed since moving to Kentucky are the hipster craft markets of Brooklyn.  BK also has a great community of crafters, something I haven’t been able to find here just yet.  And then…I found the Made Market! There were lots of local vendors selling great pottery, hand printed fabric sewn into zip up pouches, reclaimed wood projects and art prints, oh the art prints!

Here’s what I bought:

WP_20160815_17_39_01_ProThe cutest little teacup from a Lexington based potter named Leah Combs.  This cup is TINY but I never drink a whole cup of coffee so it is actually the perfect size!

WP_20160815_17_40_37_Pro New earrings to try when I can finally take out my just pierced earrings!  Burdees is a Louisville based business.

WP_20160815_17_40_57_ProThis embroidery kit from Thistle and Thread.  I got into embroidery years ago and I’m excited to start again, especially since I forgot how to knit all of a sudden!  The owners of T&T also told me about classes you can take through a group called Level Up Louisville.  I’m taking my first one on Thursday!

It is weekends like this that make Louisville feel more and more like home!  I’ll let you know how the class goes!