I’m Loving: my kind of period pieces


Yesterday, I watched the entire first season of Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix:


There are other people in the show, but I am living for Donna (redhead) and Cameron (messy blonde).  They are the most interesting part.  Lee Pace is giving us 1980’s Don Draper and there is another guy with a terrible beard for most of the first season and they are okay.  But Donna, who is the bearded guy’s wife is the best and looks like she is just going to play a “too-good-for-him wife” but then becomes much more interesting.  And Cameron is a coder who is too good for the “will-they-or-won’t-they” relationship she has with faux-Don.  She grows a lot in the first season and eventually become a boss lady, so I am very interested in what happens to her!

I also saw I, Tonya last weekend and I thought it was great.  And haunting.


There is a part in the end when Tonya’s ex-husband says something like, “I am the one who ruined her career.”  And I kept on thinking about the theme of men just ruining women’s lives.  This whole movie had Tonya (who is not a great person, let’s be honest) trying to achieve great things but being constantly pulled back by men doing terrible things.  And her mother being terrible, but that’s a whole other thing.

It reminded me of the end of the first episode of Living Single:


So true, Queen Latifah.  Not that I would want this, I would miss my boo too much!


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