wknd: one dot days



Thanks to some well placed snow days, I am in the midst of a four day weekend.  And while I miss my library, especially the preschool kids who come on Mondays, I have been enjoying some time at home.  I feel like Carmela Soprano, puttering around and constantly wiping down counters.

So my house has never been cleaner, and I have been able to spend large chunks of the day reading.


Nah, not those classy books!  More like a pile of Nora Roberts that are not shown above.

I tried to keep moving around with Just Dance on the Wii and the Tone it up girls but honestly your Fit Bit doesn’t get a lot of use on snow days.  I have to remind myself that I will be running around the library soon enough, and enjoy the snowy, romance novel filled nights when I can get them!

This is not to say that I didn’t get out at all.  I got to go to the movies (more on that later) and have a pizza party with girlfriends.  But the core of this weekend was “ChillFest.”  I have to admit that I am ready to bust out, but word is there will be another snow day tomorrow! At this rate I am running out of Noras!  (Just kidding)



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